What we do.

Do you struggle with deciding what hat to wear each day? Our hats eliminate the guesswork. Whatever activity you are about to participate in, we have the special hat for you to wear. Claim it as YOUR hat for your favorite activity.

Why a hat? (follow the science)…

Unverifiable studies have shown that women prefer a man in a trucker hat.  These same undocumented surveys also prove that women who wear hats are prettier than those who do not. We cannot argue with that math. Furthermore, since size matters to both men & women, our hats are adjustable. Big or small, we cover them all.

What a distressed hat is for...

So, maybe your hands are too smooth to prove you’ve ever performed manual labor of any kind in your life. Our hats are distressed just enough to fool the casual observer about your working habits (or lack there of)… Heck, just buy the CHORE hat or the WORKIN hat and really throw them off!

Committed to high-quality

We don't just sell you some ol' scrappy hats our uncle made in the basement. We deliver the highest quality trucker hat on the market, built to last through ANY activity you put it through.