Simple idea meets a simple product. My Trucker Hat was one of those ideas that comes along spontaneously . The idea came one day when I was going to mow the lawn. My son said, "Hey Dad, you mowin' the lawn?"….. "Why do you say that, he replied" …. The little boy answered, "Because you have your mowin' hat on." I didn’t realize that I always grabbed the same hat when mowing the lawn. Needless to say that the 1.5 hours of mowing went by really quick, as an idea took root in my head. Always a fan of Trucker style hats, the idea blossomed into a simple solution… A hat for everyone, and for every situation. Choosing a hat shouldn’t be hard.  

Welcome to My Trucker Hat, we are so thankful for every one of our customers. We are here for you… the lovers of trucker hats, and everyone who wants their hat to reflect their spirit. No matter the situation, we got you.